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Plenty of Variation

Garmin’s Varia range includes the front headlight, Varia radar, and the combined Varia radar and camera. The RVR315 is the standalone radar. Attach this handy little device to your seat post, pair it with a compatible Garmin or other cycling computer, and when you’re out on the road you’ll get live notifications of traffic approaching from behind. The device will flash up on the screen, depending on the speed of the approaching vehicle will determine the colour of the warning. Traffic approaching at a high speed will display a red warning light.

Lights, Camera, Radar

The Varia RCT715 incorporates Garmin’s cycling radar device and a rear-facing camera. The Varia radar, which has been on the market for around a decade now, sits on the seat post of your bike and alerts you to approaching traffic. With the addition of a camera, equipped with incident detection, the Varia RCT715 can automatically record incidents you might be unfortunate enough to have on a ride.

Cycling Headlight

Garmin’s UT800 front bike light is another excellent product, that integrates well into the Garmin Varia range of products. The brightness of this headlight increases and decreases depending on your speed. When you’re tearing up a trail, it’ll be on maximum brightness; if you’re meandering along an urban road while commuting, the light will automatically dim. This helps you to be able to see more when it’s needed most, while conserving the battery more easily. This is an excellent light, that mounts well and does its job of keeping you seen and lighting up the road ahead well.