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Pirelli has an established history in cycling, supplying tires for legends of the sport, such as Fausto Coppi. More recently they’ve been ridden to victory, on numerous occasions, by modern-great Tadej Pogačar. After a period focusing on their motoring business, the Italian brand returned to producing rubber for bi-pedal machines in 2017. Initially launching only the P Zero Velo, a high-performance racing tire, they have since expanded their range to MTB and gravel. Discover today a range of tires shaped by over a century’s worth of experience in manufacturing high-performance tires.

From Hero To P Zero

Sharing its name with the company’s high-performance motor racing tire, and framing the wheels of some of the top racers of the WorldTour, it’s clear that this a tire for fast road riding. By combining the best rubber compounds and the latest manufacturing techniques, the company have produced a quality product that’ll boost performance in both straight line speed and cornering.

Marking Pirelli’s return to the world of cycling, this was always a tire intended to make a big impact. Since P Zero’s introduction to the sport, the company has worked with WorldTour teams to continually refine its development, making it lighter and reducing rolling resistance. This top-tier race tire is also produced in the company’s state-of-the-art in Italy.

Tires For All Occasions

But it’s not all about the fastest tires for WorldTour victories. Pirelli’s innovative approach has been applied to a range of disciplines and rider needs. Its P7 Sport, for instance, is an all-rounder that is more robust and durable, ideal for big training days. Or if it’s grip you need for training and racing in loose conditions, be it wet mud or dry sand, look no further than the company’s Scorpion range.

Luckily, we stock a wide variety of Pirelli bike tires to suit different riding styles and disciplines. So, if you want a pair of bike tires for long-distance bike packing or a set of tires for racing the professional peloton, shop the range at ProBikeKit.