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When they launched in 2014, the PowerPod represented and innovative and more affordable way to enter the world of training to power. Born out of a Kickstarter project, the first version of their novel take on a power meter the device caused quite a stir in the market.

A Power Meter With A Difference

It’s no secret that training with a power meter is one of the most effective ways to step up your performance. These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a professional cyclist—or even a keen amateur—not training with a power meter. Equally, it’s well known that power meters can be expensive, and difficult to install and maintain. PowerPod solves both of these issues: their devices mount simply to your handlebars and come in at the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum. What’s more, being so easy install, these devices can be transferred between bikes with minimal effort.

Unlike other power meter manufacturers, these devices don’t measure watts via strain gauges. Instead, they use onboard sensors to measure wind and acceleration. Wind is funneled through a tube at the front of the device and combined with other data taken from more sensors on the device. From this an estimation of your wattage is calculated. Even since their first version the brand’s devices have been producing impressive results, in line with their +/-2% accuracy claims.

Watts More…

…with AeroPod, you can get useful data on your Cda— or how aerodynamic your position is on your bike. An AeroPod uses sophisticated onboard technology to make an accurate reading of your Cda, which can presented back to you live via a bike computer. Calculating your Cda is the first step in being able to improve your position on a bike in terms of optimizing for aerodynamics. The benefits of being able to make your position more aerodynamic on a bike are wide ranging, but boil down simply to: going faster for less effort.

So, take a look a look at the PowerPod range and start training to improve your power and reduce your aerodynamic drag.