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A good set of bike wheels are a great way to make your bike lighter, more robust, or aerodynamic. Whether you need a set of all-out performance carbon bike wheels for road racing, or a tough set of bicycle wheels for commuting, shop from a massive range of bike wheels and wheelsets from Campagnolo, Fulcrum, FFWD, Reynolds and more at ProBikeKit USA.

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New bike wheels are a great way to upgrade your bike to make it lighter, faster, and durable. There are many considerations when choosing the best bicycle wheels for the riding you do most, including material, size, brake compatibility, and tire compatibility.

Bike wheels are designed with two primary materials - carbon fiber and alloy. Carbon wheels are typically much lighter and stiffer. Additionally, because carbon as a material is less dense than alloy, carbon wheels can be made with a deeper rim for better aerodynamics without incurring an excessive weight penalty. As a result, carbon wheels are an excellent choice for racing and performance riding. Alloy bicycle wheels, on the other hand, while heavier, tend to be much more robust and more economical, so they are an excellent choice for riding over rough surfaces and in harsh conditions.

You'll also need to consider the size of your bicycle wheels, which can be measured in two ways. Firstly, the circumference - which is dictated primarily by your bike. Most road bikes will only accept 700c wheels. However, mountain bike frames can be designed to accept a range of wheels, including 26-inch, 650b, and 29-inch. Another way to measure the size of your bicycle wheels the diameter of the rim. The wider the internal rim width, the larger tires your bike wheels will be able to support. This generally means that wheels designed for rougher roads will be designed with a larger rim to support bigger tires.

Another important consideration is the brake compatibility of your bicyle wheels. Generally, your wheels will accept either rim brakes or disc brakes. Disc brake wheels offer much better stopping power, modulation, and all-weather reliability. However, rim brake compatible wheels often are lighter and easier for home mechanics to work on. Importantly, you should only use disc brake wheels on disc brake compatible bikes and rim brake wheels on rim brake compatible bikes.

Finally, you'll have to consider the tire compatibility of your wheelset. If your bicycle wheels are compatible with clincher tires, then you can only run clincher tires. If your wheelset is tubeless compatible, then they can run both tubeless tires, which highly puncture resistant and comfortable, and clincher tires. You can read about the benefits of running clincher tires versus tubeless tires in this blog article. If your wheelset is compatible with tubular tires, then they'll only be compatible with tubular tires, which are lightweight, fast, and most suited to racing.

Thankfully, we stock a wide range of bike wheels to suit various disciplines, riding styles, and setups. So, shop a huge range of bike wheels at ProBikeKit USA.