Bike Locks

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If there's one thing that we love as cyclists, it's our bikes; So a high security bike lock keeping it safe when we're away is a number one priority.

The times when you could use a bike lock are endless, it's not just about the obvious ones, such as leaving your bike at a park or outside a shop, you have to think about bike security as an on-going process. So when you hit that cafe stop on a big ride, and the whole peloton leaves their bikes outside, consider putting a lock on yours. It may seem like there's safety in numbers, but it's better to never take the chance. We carry a wide variety of locks, including cable locks and D locks from Kryptonite which are the most common choice amongst cyclists.

Home Security

Even at home it's best to be safe. Do you keep your bike locked away in a shed or garage? Again, while it is quite safe, these sorts of places are targeted for bike theft, and a good tip is to use a chain lock to tie it to a stationary object such as an attachment on a wall.

If you love your bike, lock it up!

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