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Road Bikes, Frames & Forks

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At ProBikeKit we stock a comprehensive range of road bikes, bike frames and forks. Whether you want a complete bike or to build one up yourself we have everything from bike build kits to complete carbon road bikes.

These can be made from steel, aluminium, titanium or carbon. The type of material you choose can be personal preference. If you are looking to save weight and improve your average speed then a carbon road bike is arguably the most competitive. Steel bikes are often described to be more comfortable whilst aluminium bike frames offer a racey position and sometimes have carbon fork and or rear end to save weight.

Cyclocross bikes are predominately used for cyclocross events but are quite popular amongst riders who wish to ride their bike throughout the winter, commute to work and ride off road. They have drop handle bars and run a different size chainset to a road bike. They will either have hydraulic disc brakes or cantilever brakes. All models will differ so check this out when making a decision.

Whilst aluminium bikes are very popular for winter bikes, carbon bikes are still popular and should be considered as ideal for your winter commute.

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