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Hi-tech Tires

Continental are world leaders in tire technology and, as you would expect, their premium road tire is full of the company’s latest innovations.

So renowned is Conti’s BlackChili Compound, that to many reading this it will not be new information and is likely the only tire compound you could name. For the uninitiated, this is a compound used throughout the company’s tire ranges and whose formula, depending on the requirement of the tire, can be adjusted to meet specific needs. In the GP5000, it ensures the right blend of grip, durability, and rolling resistance is achieved. The complexity of producing the compound and the technology required, means that GP5000 tires are produced in Conti's Korbach plant in Germany, leading to the embossed "Handmade in Germany" writing on the sidewall.

Sitting beneath the outer BlackChili tread is Active Comfort Technology, which absorbs vibrations, smoothening the ride. When combined with the appropriate tire pressure, Active Comfort absorbs more of the vibrations from the road surface, which enables the tire to deform more efficiently. In doing so, you not only increase grip and puncture protection, but also speed on imperfect road surfaces!

Grip while cornering is enhanced by the aptly named ‘Lazer Grip’. A micro-profile shaped is lasered into the surface of the tire, which expands over the tire's shoulder, meaning you’ll be able to carve-up descents like your Michelangelo.

Further increases to puncture protection come from Continental’s Vectran technology. This has similar properties to spider-silk, such as being a liquid-crystalline polymer (LCP). It is also comparable to spider-silk in that for its low weight it offers huge amounts of resistance to tearing. When compared to commonly used nylon breakers, it is lighter, more flexible, and guards better against cuts, all without hampering rolling resistance.

The High Performance All-Rounder

For this latest edition of Continental’s premium race tire, it’s clear they have not only worked hard to improve the speed of the GP5000, from the previous GP4000, but they have also increased comfort, grip, and puncture protection. It is this combination of improvements that sets it apart from its competitors. There may be other tires which are faster or more durable, but few that offer comparable levels of all of these factors. Unlike some other brands’ top-tier race-oriented tire, Conti have ensured you can ride theirs in varied conditions without the worry of puncturing every few miles. It’s a tire that offers a superb ride feel, but also offers the performance benefits required for the most competitive situations.