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The right set of men’s cycling shorts can transform a bike road, more so than any other item of cycling clothing. As the sole barrier between you and the saddle, cycling shorts are an essential item of cycling clothing for any cyclist. Whether you’re starting out on your biking journey, looking for your first set of padded shorts for road riding; or you’re an experienced pro mountain biker, in search of quality off-road shorts, browse our collection and ride further and faster in complete comfort. From brands, such as Santini and Sportful, we offer a variety of quality options. If it’s bib shorts you seek, look no further too.
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Why do you need specific shorts for cycling?

If you’ve been riding around in a lower quality product or even regular shorts, the step up to a quality pair of bike-focused shorts could be as different as night day. If you’re new to cycling, you might be wondering how to wear men’s cycling shorts. Why are they so tight? What even are cycling shorts with padding in them? Fortunately, they’re relatively simple garments to understand.

Well, the padding is frequently referred to as a chamois pad or just a “chamois”. You wear padded cycling shorts much like you would any set of shorts. You put them on one leg at a time, pull them up, and away you go. You’ll want to pay a slight bit more attention to ensuring the padding sits in the correct position. The reason they are so tight for is for two major reasons: tighter fitting clothing is significantly more aerodynamic than loose fitting, meaning you’ll be able to go faster for less effort; and being tight reduces the amount of friction that can be produced between you and your clothing, mean you’re less likely to experience irritation and discomfort.

Give me your best…

What it’s not possible to say is what the best men’s cycling shorts are for you. A number of factors will affect this: your body type, personal preference, the type of riding you do, among others. The perfect bike shorts for one person are not necessarily so for another person. Generally, among the quality short makers, like Castelli, Santini, and Sportful, it’s a safe bet that you’ll get a minimum level of comfort. Fortunately, we offer a range of shorts from these quality brands.