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Shimano Wheels

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Shimano may be known for their professionally engineered components, but that's not all they are famous for, Shimano's wheels and wheelsets are no less well-crafted. Shimano's range of clincher wheels and tubular wheelsets are specially manufactured in-line with their ranges, such as Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

Shimano Clincher wheels

Clincher wheels are a great way to minimize any time changing punctures should you get one. Their easy-access design means you can easily wedge off your tire, repair the puncture and get on with your ride.

Shimano's Clincher wheels come sin varying ranges, such as Shimano Ultegra and Shimano Clincher, which one you choose will ultimately be up to you. Do you want the race-ready aggressiveness of Dura-Ace, or the durability and professional reliability of Ultegra? Both are top range, with use from professionals, and you can choose your preference here at ProBikeKit USA.

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Shimano Tubular wheels

Tubular wheels can take a lot of time to change over tires correctly, especially if you need to get up and to train or race everyday, which is why clincher wheels are so popular.

There are advantages however in tubular tyres. The speed gains you get and smoothness of riding is unmatched in a high quality tubular set of wheels such as Shimano ones.

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