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Bike Maintenance Guides

For your post-ride tune-ups and your lazy off-days, it can be useful to have a few skills and a little bit of knowledge stored away. Our bike maintenance guides are brilliant for learning the little jobs that your can perform yourself. After a quick read of these books, you'll be well equipped with the knowledge you need to perform basic maintenance tasks on your bike, without spending the money on a repair service.

Bike shop verses do it yourself

Some jobs are technical, intricate and can take years to master, jobs that fall under this category are: welding a frame together or building a wheel from scratch, and it's safe to say that we should be leaving these jobs up to the mechanics, engineers and bike shops. There are however, a number of jobs that can be done at home, with a little reading.

Our books and dvds are easy to follow and will lay out the jobs in a simple yet detailed way, making them accessible for all levels of cyclists.

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