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The struggle between light weight and aerodynamics is an ongoing battle for many cyclists. It is impossible to have maximum aerodynamic capabilities without sacrificing weight, and it is equally impossible to be as light as you can without sacrificing aerodynamic capabilities. It's a trade-off that, as cyclists, we all have to choose.

Who needs aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics aren't for everyone, but those speed demons who need it the most are a special breed. Time trial enthusiasts and triathletes are the main abusers of aero gear, and rightly so. Going faster is simply more important than being light for these guys, and with most of the riding taking place on flats or rolling hills, it's the perfect addition to their ride. If this sounds like you, then have a look below at our range of aerodynamic hydration.

Aero hydration? How so?

Hydration bottle cages and drinks containers can be aerodynamic too, and this only helps the battle against the wind. Our range of aero hydration accessories feature:

- Extended straw-tubes that reach your mouth, encouraging you to stay in an aerodynamic position for maximum speed.

- Easy-to-open, wide topped refill containers for a hassle-free changeover of drinks.

- Aerodynamic engineered casing. 

Now that you've cracked the code for lightweight riding, it's time to see what aerodynamic advantages you can bring to your ride. Shop below for our full selection at ProBikeKit USA.

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