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Few teams have a story like Team Netapp Endura’s: one that’s short and sweet, yet full of promise and hope. With riders such as Jan Barta, Jonathan McEvoy and Sam Bennet in the team’s line up, Team Netapp Endura have a lot of potential to let their story unfold and develop into one of the regular ’tour teams’.

Following the combination and collaboration of the previously named ‘Team Netapp’ and ‘Endura Racing’ teams, the result is a new, modern team with a variety of key cyclists and an eclectic mix of elements of the sport. With enough experience between the riders, the new line up should be full of promise.

With a roster that spans across twelve different nationalities, Team Netapp Endura are once again a diverse mix of cyclists that should be able to teach any ‘comfortable’ teams a lesson and aim to establish themselves as a permanent fixture in the Tour de France.

In their trademark black, white and royal blue, Team Netapp Endura have a recognisable kit and stand out from the rest of the peloton.