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Belkin Pro Cycling Team

Belkin Pro Cycling Team are an old team under a new name. Most recently known as ‘Rabobank’, the Belkin Pro Cycling Team have been adorned with quite a collection of namesakes and handles throughout their history. Known simply as team ‘Blanco’ in 2012, the temporarily unsponsored team sooned gained support and a new moniker from LA-based electronics company Belkin.

Dutch cycling legend Ran Jaas’ team of ’84 was where it all began, and ‘Kwantum’ was the team’s original moniker. After a relatively low-key yet steady and strong development over the next development, Jaas’ team had solidified themselves as a true team, and took home titles such as the Tour of Flanders in 1997. Other notable wins include: the Amstel Gold Race, Championship of Hamburg and the Paris-Tours.

Following on from this initial and early success, Belkin Pro Cycling Team have become a seasoned tour team, with riders such as Boogerd, Freire and Menchov riding in the Tour de France many times for the team. Looking ahead to the start of this season, Belkin Pro Cycling Team are positioned in a good place at 12th in the UCI rankings, it’s a promising season with plenty of potential from the Belkin team.