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1. Michelin Lithion 2 Folding Road Tyre

Carry on rolling with the Michelin Lithion 2 Clincher Road Tyre. This innovative tyre offers massive improvements over the original... More

RRP $32.99

Save: 48%


2. Continental Competition Tubular Road Tyre

3 for $195

The Continental Competition Tubular Road Tyre is the choice of tyre for pro road racers and triathletes. It's the most... More

RRP $107.99

Save: 37%


3. Michelin Dynamic Sport Folding Road Tyre

The Michelin Dynamic Sport Tyre is simply a tough, durable efficient, no nonsense tire, it's a smart choice for everyday... More

RRP $17.99

Save: 31%


4. Continental Grand Prix Attack II and Force II Set Clincher Road Tyre - Black

Continental continue to develop their premium Grand Prix Attack II and Force II Clincher Road Tyre set by using their... More

RRP $133.49

Save: 39%


5. Continental Sprinter Tubular Road Tyre

The Continental Sprinter Tubular Tyre is an ultra fast tyre for shorter road events such as criteriums. The nylon puncture... More

RRP $69.49

Save: 40%


6. Schwalbe Lugano Clincher Road Tyre

The philosophy of Schwalbe tyres and tubes is based on an endless pursuit of perfection. The Lugano road tyre is... More

RRP $32.99

Save: 54%


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