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So much emphasis and preparation goes into your ride: fuelling up, resting well the days before, investing in the right clothing, equipment and nutrition to keep you going. But what about post-ride recovery? Here at ProBikeKit USA, we have all the nutritional supplements you could possibly need to rejuvenate and rest after a hard session on the bike.

When to take recovery shakes

The first stage is a post-ride recovery shake. When you finish up a ride, your body is depleted and will need a complete nutritional profile of food. As a lot of us know, the time and effort involved in preparing a meal is not exactly suitable for the post-ride bonk we're all too familiar with. So this is where our recovery shakes come into play, allowing us to get that vital nutrition in at the optimum time.

The window is around 20 minutes after your ride, at this point your muscles will be more receptive to protein synthesis and nutritional intake. Cooking a full meal in this window of time just isn't possible, it's more likely going to be after your shower/bath and sit down. Downing a recovery shake straight away means that you can take your time winding down, without worrying about your body breaking down muscle and slowing the recovery process.
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